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Orioles Roster Set. Gibbons released!

The Orioles finalized their 25 man roster for opening day today. One surprise was the 11th hour release of Jay Gibbons. Gibbons has had issues of late putting together a few sub par injury plagued seasons, being suspended by the commissioner and having a terrible spring training, so Gibbons release is an action that most fans and media were hoping would happen, but thought was not realistic due to the $11.9 million dollars of guaranteed money left on his contract that the O’s would still have to pay him if he was released. Somehow Andy MacPhail managed to convince Peter Angelos to get over his personal affinity for Jay Gibbons and to swallow the expense at the same time. This action alone will earn Angelos some good will back from the fans that he has lost over 10 straight losing seasons.



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