Worse Than A Kick In The Gut…

It’s one thing to lose 38-7, but to get crushed in a rivalry game and ridiculed on national TV for pointless celebrations by players on the defense is even worse. Usually these Ravens and Steelers games are smashmouth contests that come down to a late score (usually a field goal). The Steelers had a lot of motivation to avenge the two beat downs they got last year at the hands of the Ravens and celebrating their 75th anniversary, but I didn’t see the result being as bad as it was. Maybe it was the purple glasses blinding me, but I had faith that the Ravens were capable of giving the Steelers a competitive contest based on their games over the past few years.

The Ravens still have the annoying injuries and a tough schedule coming up, but at 4-4 with a wide open AFC race they still have a shot to make the playoffs. Four out of their next five games are at home starting with payback games against the Bengals and Browns the next two weeks. Most Ravens fans are understandably upset and calling for the coaches head or a QB change, but at this point I’m still willing to let the season play out before I start calling for changes.

It’s become obvious to me where the Raven’s weaknesses are:

  1. They have two mediocre QB’s.
  2. They have no depth at CB to withstand injuries.
  3. When one of their offensive weapons is injured, defenses easily take away the others (when Heap is hurt the defense just doubles Mason).
  4. If the opposing QB can escape the initial pass rush, the secondary will be exposed.
  5. They have to be the worst bad weather team I’ve ever seen.
  6. They try so hard “not to lose” that they miss opportunities that would help them win… it’s like the Ravens own brand of Marty ball.

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