Ravens Name John Harbaugh New Head Coach.

John Harbaugh was named by the Ravens as their new head coach likely offering him a four year contract in the process. The reaction from the fans was good and bad ranging from worries that he won’t be able to control the Ravens locker room drama and large ego vets like Ray Lewis, Jon Ogden, Derrick Mason and Trevor Pryce to the excitement of new blood coming in to breath some life into a team already laden with talent. Some fans have started using “its time for HAR-BALL!” in their signature lines on message boards (sorry no link, premium forum), which is somewhat ironic considering Harbaugh’s brother and current head coach at Stanford Jim Harbaugh was once the Ravens starting quarterback and I don’t remember the fans having nice taglines for him at the time. Player reaction so far has been positive which is a good thing, but I think the players are willing to give anyone a chance.. it’s more of a question of will Harbaugh be able to maintain respect and the ear of players in the locker room as the year(s) go on.

Lot’s of questions to be answered in the coming days… Who will be the coordinators and assistant coaches? Will the Ravens be able to lure Rex Ryan back as Defensive Coordinator? Will Jon Ogden retire? What does this mean for the draft? Are the Ravens reloading or rebuilding?

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