Ravens Projected Roster #3

This is the newest 53 man roster with most errors corrected (I was missing the long snapper) and most recent changes to the roster. 

  • There are rumors about the Ravens interest in Fred Miller which would clear up the picture on the offensive line. 
  • The running back situation is tough to call, but I think the Ravens will go with Ross who can contribute on special teams, can be a feature back and/or be a 3rd down back. 
  • I do not include Gary Stills and Dan Cody in this list, but you could include them and cut a corner or wide receiver instead, but I think this is pretty close to how the roster would shake out if cuts were today.


Linebackers  8  
51 Ayanbadegjo  Lock 
50 Barnes  Lock 
95 J J  Lock 
59 Greisen  bubble 
55 Suggs  Lock 
52 Lewis  Lock 
57 Scott  Lock 
49 Gooden  Lock 
Corner  7   
22 Rolle  Lock 
41 walker  Solid 
21 cmac  Lock 
35 ivy  Lock 
24 pittman  Solid 
29 martin  Lock 
31 Washington  Lock 
Safety  5   
36 Leonhard  Solid 
25 Zib  Lock 
43 Nakamura  Lock 
26 Landry  Lock 
20 Reed  Lock 
DL  5   
90 Pryce  Lock 
93 Edwards  Solid 
94 Bannan  Solid 
97 Gregg  Lock 
92 Ngata  Lock 
OT  5   
64 Cousins  Lock 
78 Terry  Lock 
71 Gaither  Lock 
74 Kracalik  bubble 
68 Slaughter  bubble 
G  3   
66 Grubbs  Lock 
76 Hale  Lock 
73 Yanda  Lock 
C  2   
65 Chester  Lock 
60 Brown  Lock 
FB  2   
42 Neal  Lock 
37 McClain  Lock 
RB  3   
23 McGahee  Lock 
39 Rice  Lock 
34 Ross  bubble 
TE  4   
86 Heap  Lock 
83 Wilcox  Lock 
84 Bergen  bubble 
46 Jones  bubble 
WR  6   
85 Mason  Lock 
89 Clayton  Lock 
87 Williams  Lock 
81 Smith  Lock 
16 Figurs  Lock
14 Harper  bubble 
ST 3   
3 Stover  Lock 
4 Koch  Lock 
70 Katula Lock

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