NFL Officially Moves Ravens Texans Game

The NFL has officially announced that the Ravens and Texans game scheduled for Sunday at 4:15 in Houston has been moved to Monday night at 8:30 as rumors previously suggested.  The NFL has also left the door open for further changes to the scheduled game depending on the situation in Houston after Hurricane Ike has moved through.  The game will be broadcast in the Ravens and Texans primary and secondary markets on CBS, not nationally like regularly scheduled Monday night games. 

Current speculation is that one of the NFL’s backup plans if there are problems in Houston on Monday is to shuffle the Ravens, Texans and Bengals bye weeks to accommodate the Ravens and Texans game being rescheduled for the Ravens bye week. The Bengals and Texans have the same bye week (week 8) and they also have a head to head match-up scheduled for week 10 (the Ravens bye week) which conveniently lines up the possible three team swap. 

Here is how it would work:

  1. The Texans and Ravens byes would be declared for week 2.
  2. The Texans and Bengals game would be moved up to week 8 which is both teams bye week.
  3. The Ravens and Texans game would be rescheduled for week 10.
  4. The Bengals would inherit the Ravens week 10 bye.


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