Amazing Win…Amazing Game.

I’m shocked that the Ravens won this game against the Titans.  They had a part in making a really good team look really bad, but the Titans seemed to be in total control.  The way Ravens players were getting injured it seemed like they were hanging on by a thread and that any minute now a big play by the Titans would finally break their back.  They didn’t get discouraged when the Titans moved the ball on them and they didn’t piss their pants when they had the ball with a chance to win.  The Ravens weathered the storm, its like they took three hard punches directly to the face and then just smiled at them.  It had to be frustrating to the Titans to see the game slowly slip away from them.. and i loved every minute of it. 

While the Ravens were on their drive to win the game (before the missed delay of game) I had a moment where I realized that I was watching a great/classic game that I will remember for a long time.  I wish the refs hadn’t missed that delay of game call, because I’m afraid that it will taint that drive to win the game somewhat and cloud the memories of the rest of that game. 

What I’ll remember about this game is that the Ravens were resilient and never gave up despite the adversity they were facing.  They made their own luck by playing hard, hitting hard, and not being discouraged with their backs against the wall (offense and defense).  The win against the Titans in 2001 was viewed as a fluky win by the media and I’m sure this win will get a similar slant, but I thought it was a great game between two great teams.

What a game.. just wow.

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