Roster Outlook – Preseason Game 1

Below is how I see the Ravens roster going into the first preseason game against the Eagles.  So far I have 51 players I think are on the team (of course that could change):


  • QB – 3 :  Flacco, Taylor, Cantwell
  • RB – 4 :  Rice, R. Williams, Parmele, Allen
  • FB – 1 :  Leach
  • WR – 5 :  Boldin, T. Smith, T. Doss, M. Smith, D. Reed
  • TE – 3 :  Dickson, Pitta, Drew
  • OL – 8 :  Oher, Grubbs, Birk, Yanda, J. Reid, Cousins, Harewood, Bartholomew


  • CB – 6 :  Foxworth, Carr, Webb, J. Smith, C. Williams, C. Brown
  • S – 4 :  E. Reed, Zbikowski, Pollard, Nakamura
  • LB – 8 :  R. Lewis, Suggs, J. Johnson, McClain, Gooden, Kindle, Kruger, Ellerbe, Ayanbadejo
  • DL – 6 :  Ngata, Cody, Redding, A. Jones, McKinney, Divens
  • ST – 3 :  Cundiff, Koch, M. Cox

  • Bubble :  Burgess, Phillips, Talavou, Silva, J. Hardy, J. Harper, L. Williams, M. Lawrence, Mattison, Barnes

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