Roster Outlook – Preseason Game 2

Here is my updated roster prediction going into the second preseason game against the Chiefs:


  • QB – 3 :  Flacco, Taylor, Cantwell
  • RB – 4 :  Rice, R. Williams, Parmele, Allen
  • FB – 1 :  Leach
  • WR – 6 :  Boldin, Evans, T. Smith, T. Doss, M. Smith, D. Reed
  • TE – 3 :  Dickson, Pitta, Drew
  • OL – 8 :  Oher, Grubbs, Birk, Yanda, J. Reid, Cousins, Harewood, Mattison


  • CB – 6 :  Foxworth, J. Smith, Carr, Webb, C. Williams, C. Brown
  • S – 4 :  E. Reed, Zbikowski, Pollard, Nakamura
  • LB – 8 :  R. Lewis, Suggs, J. Johnson, McClain, Gooden, Kruger, Ellerbe, Kindle, Ayanbadejo
  • DL – 7 :  Ngata, Cody, Redding, A. Jones, McKinney, Divens, McPhee
  • ST – 3 :  Cundiff, Koch, M. Cox

  • Bubble :  LB Burgess, LB Phillips, DT Talavou, WR J. Hardy, WR J. Harper, RB M. Lawrence,
  • Practice Squad:  WR L. Williams, S Silva, RB Berry, C Bartholomew, C Barnes, DE McClellan
I think the Ravens (like many other teams) will cut down on the special teams aces.  They will probably concentrate on keeping the punt team gunners and put less emphasis on the kick coverage/return guys.  This could mean that some of the linebackers that usually stick with the team are not going to be retained this year.

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