Roster Outlook – Preseason Game 4

Here is my updated roster prediction going into the final preseason game against the Falcons (starters in bold):


  • QB – 2 :  Flacco, Taylor
  • RB – 4 :  Rice, R. Williams, Parmele, Allen
  • FB – 1 :  Leach
  • WR – 6 :  Boldin, Evans, D. Reed, T. Smith, T. Doss, M. Smith
  • TE – 3 :  Dickson, Pitta, Wilson
  • OL – 9 :  McKinnie, Grubbs, Birk, Yanda, Oher, LaVoir, J. Reid, Harewood, Mattison


  • CB – 6 :  C. Williams, J. Smith, Foxworth, Carr, Webb,  C. Brown
  • S – 4 :  E. Reed, Zbikowski, Pollard, Nakamura
  • LB – 8 :  R. Lewis, Suggs, J. Johnson, McClain, Ellerbe, Kruger, Kindle, Ayanbadejo
  • DL – 7 :  Ngata, Cody, Redding, A. Jones, McKinney, Divens, McPhee
  • ST – 3 :  Cundiff, Koch, M. Cox

  • Bubble :  LB Burgess, LB Gooden, LB Phillips, WR J. Hardy, QB Cantwell, TE Drew
  • Practice Squad:  WR L. Williams, S Silva, RB Berry, C Barnes, LB McClellan, DE/OLB McAdoo
Some interesting battles are starting to emerge going into the final preseason game:
The bottom few linebackers like Gooden, Phillips and Burgess are battling for a spot and it’ll be interesting to see who sticks considering the new kickoff rules.  I have Ayanbadejo making the team right now, but all of these guys figure to get a long look this week.
The battle for starting positions at SS still might be up for grabs.  Zbikowski seems like he has the upper hand right now, but Pollard and Nakamura are still really pushing him and might have carved out a spot for themselves in certain packages anyway.
LaQuan Williams is making things interesting for the wide receiver corps.  Marcus Smith has been a solid contributor on special teams for a while, but hasn’t gotten much of a look at all at WR this preseason.  LaQuan has been one of the UDFA stars of camp thus far showing the ability to return kicks and punts and contribute on offense.  If he shows he can also cover kicks as a gunner he could push another player off the team at WR or another position.

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