Roster Outlook – Cut Predictions

The key battles are LB, 3rd RB and 6th WR.  The Ravens are hoping to hold onto their developmental projects like Ramon Harewood and Michael Macadoo, but still maintain their quality depth.  The outstanding play of WR LaQuan Williams and the injury to QB Tyrod Taylor have made the decisions even more difficult for the Ravens.

Summarizing what I think will happen:

  • The Ravens will be eagerly awaiting the results of tests on Tyrod Taylor’s left (non-throwing) shoulder to determine which direction to go with backup QB.  They will probably sign a QB after shuffling some players around.
  • They will keep LaQuan Williams as a possible punt returner.
  • Marcus Smith will make the team and primarily to contribute on special teams.
  • Jalen Parmele will get cut with Allen winning the 3rd running back spot.
  • Gooden, Phillips and Burgess all get cut.
  • The Ravens gamble and try to slip Michael Macadoo onto the practice squad.
  • CB C. Brown makes the roster, but could eventually get cut a few days later after the dust settles and then stashed on the practice squad.  This could make room for a backup QB if necessary.
  • Some shenanigans involving players being stashed on IR could happen (maybe Harewood and/or Boren).
  • Foxworth makes the team despite all of the calls for him to be cut by fans during the preseason.  My guess is the team puts him on the shelf for a few weeks until he’s 100% healthy.
Here is my updated roster prediction (starters in bold):


  • QB – 2 :  Flacco, Taylor
  • RB – 3 :  Rice, R. Williams, Allen
  • FB – 1 :  Leach
  • WR – 7 :  Boldin, Evans, D. Reed, T. Smith, T. Doss, M. Smith, L. Williams
  • TE – 3 :  Dickson, Pitta, Wilson
  • OL – 9 :  McKinnie, Grubbs, Birk, Yanda, Oher, LaVoir, J. Reid, Harewood, Mattison


  • CB – 6 :  C. Williams, J. Smith, Foxworth, Carr, Webb,  C. Brown
  • S – 4 :  E. Reed, Zbikowski, Pollard, Nakamura
  • LB – 8 :  R. Lewis, Suggs, J. Johnson, McClain, Ellerbe, Kruger, Kindle, Ayanbadejo
  • DL – 7 :  Ngata, Cody, Redding, A. Jones, McKinney, Divens, McPhee
  • ST – 3 :  Cundiff, Koch, M. Cox


  • LB Burgess, LB Gooden, LB Phillips, WR J. Hardy, TE Drew, RB Parmele
  • S Silva, RB Berry, C Barnes, LB McClellan, DE/OLB McAdoo, QB Cantwell

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